The Perfect Programme For Working Out Your Hands (Yes, That's A Thing)

Nobody ever thinks about it, but it is possible to work out your hands. There are simple exercises to strengthen the fingers which do not require any gear.

So what if we worked on a new muscle? The hands, for example. Yes, hands. It is possible to work the muscles of the hand to have better grip when you're lifting in the gym. Be careful though: you might think that you need to take up the golf grip and the job’s done, but that won’t necessarily strengthen your fingers but rather your forearm.

Six exercises to strengthen your hands

Claws: Bend your fingers at 90 degrees, almost as if you were a child who is imitating an animal (grrr). Repeat the movement several times and this will activate the muscle fibres in your fingers.

Suspended fingers: Place the tips of your fingers on the edge of a table, with the palm of your hand hanging freely. Press downwards and try to hold it as long as possible.

Touch your thumb: The goal is simple - touch your thumb with every finger in turn. This allows you to work every finger individually, and is excellent if you want to restore a finger after injury.

Elastic: Working with elastic is just as effective for fingers as it is for legs and arms. Use the resistance to strengthen your hand.

Stress-ball: Instead of pressing the ball with your whole hand (this works the fist but not the hand muscles) press with the tips of your fingers.

Finger lifts: the same principle as the superman lifts but with your hand. Lay it flat on the table, then raise your fingers as high as possible while making sure that the palm of your hand is stays firmly on the surface.

With this list of simple exercises that you can do anywhere, you won’t have to twiddle your thumbs any more.

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