The One Punch Technique To Take Out Someone Stronger Than You

Finding yourself faced with someone stronger than you in a fight is always going to cause some concern. This technique however, will teach you how to come out on top, should you be in a similar confrontation.

Fighting against someone stronger than you is no easy challenge, especially when they have a considerable physical advantage. A young combat sport professional has decided to share this unstoppable technique, designed to make all physical advantages, redundant. This technique will give even the least physical, a fighting chance against bigger and more muscular opponents.

The technique is very systematic, as it involves throwing a punch from a specific angle, but actually is very simple to use. As you watch, you’ll understand that it’s about being meticulous and technical as you throw the punch. The opponent therefore, is destabilised and unbalanced; strength doesn’t even feature.

No matter how technical and meticulous you are, you still need to remember that one golden rule... Keep your guard up. It’s not enough to throw one punch and be done with it; you need to remember to return to guard position after you land the blow. Keep this in mind and next time you face someone bigger than you, you’ll come out on top.

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