The Mountain Can Deadlift Like No One Else On The Planet

The Mountain Can Deadlift Like No One Else On The Planet

As of this year, The Mountain is officially the strongest man in the world. Yet footage taken of a training session for an upcoming competition suggests that we still haven’t seen the best of Thor Bjornsson. 

He honestly never tires. After winning the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2018, Bjornsson isn’t planning on letting his standards drop in the run up to the next season.

The evidence for this can be found on his Instagram page, where the brawny Game of Thrones actor recently published a video of a deadlift training session. According to information posted on the Rogue website, Bjornsson lifted an incredible estimated 210 kilos.  

This is still a far cry from his record lift of 472 kilos at the Arnold Strongman Classic, even if this time he used an olympic bar and benched six times. At the moment, this training is only part of The Mountain’s preparation for a competition in Dubai next October. By then he will undoubtedly have added several more kilos onto his bar.

Abbie Marshall
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