The Fittest Celebs In The World Share Their Training Tips

  • Hugh Jackman: 'My thing was to equip myself with a heart monitor when I lifted. I never let my heart rate go below 140. That’s the key.’
  • Jason Statham: 'I never do the same thing twice. I mix everything up. How can you tell a good workout? It's when you say to yourself, “Oh damn, I'm dead.”’
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme: 'I recommend heavy composed exercises to all the people with whom I train.’
  • John Cena: ‘You’ll never get anywhere without lifting. You have to take the time.’
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'After stopping competitions, I started working out faster. 6 sets without stopping with more repetitions.’

When it comes to bodybuilding, celebs are the experts. Having to lose and gain weight for their roles, movie stars are in a good position to give workout advice.

Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone... We are all inspired by celebrities, who we often model our workouts after. The biggest arms in Hollywood cinema use trainers, often the best, to ensure that they look their best on screen.

Yet they too have their own tips for success. Some favour supersets, others go back to the basics while others still use only the weight of their body in order to build muscles. The following list of actors and athletes will allow you to figure out, and especially to adopt your idol’s advice.

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But be careful, remember that although it works for them, it will not necessarily work for you. Bodybuilding works in a unique way and everyone, according to their morphology, must adopt a training method adapted to their body.

Rob Mitchell
These Actors Transformed Their Bodies Beyond Measure For Their Starring Roles

These Actors Transformed Their Bodies Beyond Measure For Their Starring Roles

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