Study Reveals Exercising For Just One Month Could Have Life Changing Effects

A study at Ohio State University showed that exercising improves sperm quality and increases the chances of having a healthy child.

If you want to become a dad this year, you will have to start working out. According to an Ohio State University study, relayed by the Diabetes Journal, a man is more likely to transmit a good metabolism to his child if he exercised or exercises before conceiving. And this stands even if his diet is high in fat.

Researchers at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center looked at the reasons for this phenomenon and reached the first conclusion studying mice. Subjects who had a diet that was high in fat and did not exercise had passed a higher body fat content on to their offspring and problems with blood glucose levels.

Exercise one month before conceiving your baby

The link between high body fat and blood glucose can turn into type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, exercise can once again save the day. According to Kristin Standford, the researcher behind this study, "when the father exercises, even with a high-fat diet, he will transmit a better metabolism to his child."

Furthermore, it isn't necessary for him to exercise regularly (even though it is advised), he just has to do it for a month before conceiving a child.

"If we ask someone who is about to have a child to exercise moderately, even for a month before conception, it could have a significant effect on their sperm health and the metabolic health of their children," said Kristin Standford.

Obesity is synonymous with poor sperm quality

Obesity, which has been steadily increasing in recent years, can directly affect the health of your future child. It has been proven that in overweight individuals, sperm quality is reduced and this can also be transmitted directly to the child.

"There is a possibility of transmission in humans. We know that in adult men, obesity lowers the level of testosterone, the number of sperm and their mobility, as well as the number of live births."

You now know what you have to do if you want your future children to be healthy.

Check out the video above for more on this fascinating study.

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