She Lost A Judo Fight At The World Championships Thanks To Her Cellphone

Ayana Satkynaliyeva was disqualified from her fight at the World Cadet Judo Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, after her phone fell on the tatami.

Here's somebody who should take a little break from technology. At the world cadet judo championships, Ayana Satkynaliyeva was eliminated from the competition for a very unusual reason.

During the first round, the young Kazakh woman, who competes in the 8 stone category, faced Akhliya Muminova (Tajikistan). Everything was going well, until the first offensive, which brought the two women to the ground.

When the referee separated them, he discovered a smartphone on the tatami. He therefore asked whose phone it was and directly disqualified Ayana Satkynaliyeva from the competition, to the anger of her coach.

This is an unusual, but not unprecedented incident. In Baku, last May, a similar situation occurred. Portuguese fighter Anri Egutidze had also forgotten to leave his phone in the dressing room, and was also immediately disqualified from the competition.

We know people are addicted to their phones more than ever nowadays, but come on, when you're doing something this physical wouldn't you want to avoid the possibility of breaking your phone?

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