Scot Mendelson Explained The Best Arm-Wrestling Technique

Scot Mendelson Explained The Best Arm-Wrestling Technique

This video is a nice memory of the late great Rich Piana. After challenging champion arm wrestler Scot Mendelson, one of the most epic arm wrestlers ever took place. 

Arm wrestling champion Scot Mendelson responded to the challenge by bodybuilder Rich Piana. It was an opportunity for him to reveal his different techniques when it comes to this discipline, where strength is not everything.

In arm wrestling, everything is a matter of technique. Although Scot Mendelson still has big arms, they’re nothing compared to the monstrous Rich Piana. Now unfortunately deceased, the bodybuilder had the chance to learn the best techniques, so as never to lose again at arm wrestling.

The lesson to be learned is that even if an opponent with huge arms challenges you, don't back down if you know the necessary technique! 

Check out the video above to see the epic arm wrestle between Scot and Rich! 

Rob Mitchell
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