Pakistan's Answer To Hercules Is The Most Incredible Athlete

If you ever come across Arbab Khizer Hayat in the street, you will definitely remember him. Find out about this unusually huge giant below.

Pakistan's Answer To Hercules Is The Most Incredible Athlete
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With a height of 6 foot 3 inches, this man from Pakistan is considered the Hulk of the orient… This is because he weighs no less than 67 stone 9 pounds! His stature is enough to even make brutes like Martyn Ford or the Iranian Hulk jealous, who are predicted to be fighting in MMA really soon. Originally from Mardan in the north of Pakistan, he is particularly well-known for being able to lift 5 tonnes with a single arm! Amazing, right!

This 25-year-old man has such an impressive strength that he can even pull incredibly heavy objects such as tractors and cars. To remain the size he is, he eats 10,000 calories a day (which would even make The Rock turn pale) and has only ever had one dream: getting into WWE, the American wresting league where your atypical men such as the Big Show and the Undertaker are always showing off their wrath. If this doesn’t work, he’s considering getting into weightlifting instead… We wish him all the best!