This Strongman Training Session Will Seriously Change Up Your Routine

Always doing the same workout routine can be bad for building muscle. A little strongman training from time to time can change up your routine.

This Strongman Training Session Will Seriously Change Up Your Routine
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Have you been doing the same workout routine for months, if not years? Despite the desire to make better gains and progress, it can get boring. Worse still, the muscles can get used to the same motions and you could plateau. Well, no worries - just add one of these strongman sessions a week to bring your workout to the next level.

What exercises can you do to train like a strongman?

You might not have the necessary equipment to train exactly like a strongman. However, we've got a selection of exercises that you can do with the equipment you can find at any gym.

First thing's first: the farmer’s walk. This exercise involves picking up a weight and walking with it at arm's length over a certain distance. Two dumbbells will do the trick to replace the rack usually used in competitions. Start by doing between 4 and 10 sets of 50 to 100 feet of walking. The ultimate goal is to be able to carry your body weight in each hand!

Since you probably do not have an Atlas stone at home, take the weights that you usually put on the squat or bench press bars. Use the same technique as with an Atlas stone, plus you can adjust the weight. No weights? No problem! A sandbag, preferably circular in shape, is perfect for training like a strongman. Then you can do what Dmitriy Khaladzhi does and lift cars or carry a horse... but at your own risk.

Don’t try to copy the Mountain

With one session per week combined with your usual routine, the effects and body aches should quickly be felt on your body. Be careful not to try to be a strongman too quickly. You should know that they are mostly professionals and that the Mountain does not squat 440 kg with only his natural strength. To reach this certain level requires a long training process and impeccable technique.

Remember: there are no shortcuts, except towards injuring yourself!