Nike Are Launching Their First Ever Collection Of Yoga Wear For Men

The huge brand has just gotten into the world of yoga which means now is a great time to discover their specific products to improve your workouts.

Yoga is a discipline that a lot of athletes use to become the best in the world. Whether it’s on a skateboard, in basketball or even weight training, yoga allows you to reconnect with your body to be the best you can be.

For the first time in its history, Nike has just decided to get involved in this disciple that is very highly thought of among athletes. The American brand started offering specific programs called ‘Enhance Your Training With Yoga’ at the beginning of the year and on the menu are stability, endurance and flexibility exercises so you can perform better in your preferred sport. All of this is accessible on the Nike Training Club app.

A new line of clothing

Known for their sports clothing and accessories, Nike has recently decided to branch out further into yoga. This collection, for women, but also for men, contains specific outfits for practicing yoga. There are lots of outfits designed so you can move easier and with more support, no matter what position you’re in. You can now find your future outfit on the site.

Check out the video above for more on Nike's exciting new range!

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