New Anti-Doping Laws May Be Coming To Your Gym

In the world of weightlifting, doping is bound to exist. Even amongst amateurs, steroid use runs rampant. Some gyms are taking a stand and introducing some rather strict rules for their attendees. Check the video and find out the severe punishment those caught will receive.

In Belgium, anti-doping measures are already quite strict. As of this September, even amateurs will be targetted in the fight against steroids.

This initiative was introduced in the hopes of 'addressing the lack of coordination in anti-doping efforts that previously caused problems such as lack and dispersal of resources for doping research and control, lack of knowledge about the substances and procedures used, and a disparate approach sanctions imposed on athletes declared guilty of doping', according to a Belgian agency.

Regardless of whether or not you're a casual gymgoer or attend religiously, you run the risk of being randomly tested upon entering the gym. According to officials, you could be subject to a fine of between£300 and £8,800 should you be caught testing positive.

A serious problem

The degree to which steroid abuse takes place in gyms currently is often underestimated. In France, random testing was conducted in a handful of gyms in the Flandres region and found 30% of athletes test positive for doping. Should this initiative prove successful, could we see it's introduction in the UK?

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