Meet One Of Russia's Best Female Bodybuilders

Meet One Of Russia's Best Female Bodybuilders

Natalia Kuznetsova is without a doubt one of the most muscular women in the world. The 27-year-old Russian woman got into weight training when she was very young and has never hidden the fact that she takes steroids.

In the world of bodybuilding, we sometimes come across strange things. Natalia Kuznetsova is without a doubt one of them. At 27-years-old, she has a very impressive physique. Originally from Russia, Natalia is 1m70 (5ft 7in) tall and weighs around 100kg (15st 10lb). To go into further detail, the circumference of her arm measures 47cm, her chest measurement is 127cm and she can bench press 170kg. She has also broken numerous national records in her discipline which is deadlifts.

Using steroids

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Well known today in the world scene of bodybuilding, Natalia Kuznetsova also has an impressive fan base with around 375,000 subscribers on her Instagram account. Yet, she is very honest with everyone who follows her on social media and doesn’t hide the fact that she frequently uses steroids to push her physique beyond its natural limits.

‘You should take care of your health first of all. And don’t train until you get approved by a doctor. And don’t train without a coach – it will save your time and health. Don’t be afraid of having ambitions, but rate your ability responsibly,’ she explained in an interview with Natalia subsequently quit competing after her visa was declined to the United States, but today, the Russian champion is back on track with bodybuilding and seems more motivated than ever.

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