Legend Mat Fraser Revealed When He Realised That CrossFit Became His Life

Mat Fraser spoke to us about his start and the defining moment when he realised that CrossFit could become his life.

4X World Champion

At the age of 29, Mathew Fraser is already a true CrossFit legend. A four-time World Champion, the American is truly above the rest. Since 2014, he has been giving his body and soul to make history in his sport. To do so, he is determined to defend his title at the CrossFit Games 2020.

The beginnings of a legend

When he was still a student, Mathew dreamed of becoming a mechanical engineer on an offshore oil rig. Broke, he took part in CrossFit competitions mainly to make a little money to support himself. But then, after graduating, Mat gave himself time to try his hand at CrossFit seriously. A decisive choice, which he recalled during our interview:

'I never thought it would end up being my life. When I started, I was a broke college student. I found out I could make a little money competing. It was literally money for gas and food. I had some people in my life early on who said they believed I could become World Champion. And I just laughed at that, I thought it was crazy. But when I graduated from university, I didn't look for a job, it was like 'Okay, I'm gonna try this.''

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