Lasha Talakhadze Clean & Jerks 264kg And Beats The World Record

Lasha Talakhadze Clean & Jerks 264kg And Beats The World Record

Lasha Talakhadze, a Georgia weightlifter beat the world record in clean and jerk in the championships in Georgia. By lifting 264kg, he beat the record that dated back 14 years.

And to say we almost missed this exceptional performance. On 22nd September, the national weightlifting championships were held in Georgia, which was the perfect opportunity for Lasha Talakhadze to once again prove his superiority for the National, Olympic and World Championships.

It was quite a shock when the Georgia monster hit an incredible 264kg clean & jerk, beating a record that dates back to the Olympic Games in Athens, 2004. At the time, the Iranian named Hossein Rezazadeh had snatched up the gold medal when he lifted 263kg. Just one kilo less than what anyone has managed to lift, until now.  

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Lasha Talakhadze is now the strongest man in the world in his category (+105kg) and his discipline (weightlifting). He holds the clean & jerk record, but also the snatch record with 220kg and another for his two lifts at the 2017 IWF World Championships that combined, total 478kg.

This last record was also won by Talakhadze and combines the 264kg clean & jerk record with the 114kg snatch record (totally 478kg). Unfortunately for him, this record isn’t official.

• Anna Wilkins
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