John Cena Crushes A Monstrous Squat!
John Cena Crushes A Monstrous Squat!
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John Cena Crushes A Monstrous Squat!

For WWE Superstar John Cena, staying in peak phyiscal shape is of the utmost importance for his career. He's been showing us what he's capable of in the gym.

John Cena has been one of the WWE's top performers for well over a decade now. A thirteen time WWE Champion, the wrestler has even become a well known face on the big screen, appearing in comedies like Daddy's Home, Trainwreck, and upcoming film Blockers.

Despite his busy schedule, he still finds the time to hit the gym and knock out some seriously impressive lifts. On his Instagram, he frequently shares motivational messages and videos of his weightlifting triumphs.

Recently, he even was so kind as to share with us his golden rules for the gym. Based off of what we see in the video, we think it's safe to say that his rules are working well!

By Stacey Williams
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