James McAvoy: How He Got Ripped For Upcoming Split Sequel "Glass"

For his upcoming film Glass, James McAvoy went through quite an impressive transformation. When photos first appeared online of his new look, people were amazed at the physique he had been quietly building. McAvoy has decided to settle the rumours and fill us in on how the metamorphosis really went down...

James McAvoy Has Gotten Absolutely Ripped For The Upcoming Sequel To Split
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Last November, James McAvoy set the Internet ablaze when photos of his new physique surfaced on social media. When we last saw McAvoy in Split, it’s not like he was in bad shape by any means. However, the glimpse we got of him just recently shows a man transformed.

The rumour circulating among many news sites is that the actor consumed upwards of six thousand calories a day in order to build the mass necessary for the upcoming Unbreakable and Split sequel by M. Night Shyamalan due for 2019. McAvoy shot down these rumours, explaining that instead of calorie counting he preferred to track his macros: the fats, proteins, and carbs he was consuming.

The actor believes that his more liberal method for tacking on his muscle is a “healthier way of tracking intake”; however he stresses the fact that he is no expert in the field and what may have worked for him may not work for others. Of course, if you want to build muscle then you’ve got to also pop into the gym from time to time...