How to train your cardio without having to go for a run

Running isn't necessarily the only way you can train cardio. You're actually able to improve your breath without having to run a single kilometre. Gentside has prepared a program you can do at home to kick those lungs into gear.

Whether it's cold and raining or plain too hot, you may come up with a lot of excuses to not go outside for a run. Yet you know you need to work on your cardio, either to stay in shape or lose that last bit of pesky belly fat. It is not necessary to run dozens of kilometres to strengthen your cardiovascular capacity. Instead, try out this five exercise circuit you can do from the comfort of your own home:

1. Jumping jacks - 30 seconds

Tip: Make sure to reach the full range of motion.

2. Mountain climbers - 30 seconds

Tip: Remember to keep your butt down.

3. Skater Jumps - 30 seconds

Tip: Remember to really engage the supporting leg.

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4. Blast offs - 30 seconds

Tip: Remember to maintain good form throughout the entire movement.

5. High knees - 30 seconds

Tip: The higher your knees and the faster you go, the harder your lungs will work.

Coach's tip: Remember to maintain a good pace so you don't run out of breath too quickly.

Number of circuits: 3/5/7 depending on your level.

Rest: 30 seconds between each exercise. Try to maintain the pace throughout all the circuits.

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