Here's How To Work Out Like A Professional Rower

Professional athletes often prepare for training by working out at the gym, and rowers are no exception. Here we give you one of their workout routines.

Anyone who has seen a professional rower at work can testify they often have a very sculpted body as a result of their training. But they do not achieve this solely by training on the water; to reach professional level, rowers also practise muscle-building exercises in the gym. Here is one of their training routines.

Rowing workout

You have to take a weight that you can lift 30 or even 40 times in a row. It can seem light at first, but at the end your muscles won’t be able to take it any more. This is conditioning training.

-Bench press with weights

-T-bar row

-Goblet squat

-Bodyweight crunch


And of course doing some rowing can also greatly help you improve body conditioning and cardio.

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