Here Is The Best Way To Manage Muscle Loss While On Holiday

While on holiday it isn't always easy to follow your normal training regimen. Here’s what to do in order to lose a minimum of muscle and stay in shape.

Going away on holiday is everyone’s long-awaited moment of rest, the opportunity to leave the worries of everyday life behind. But exercise is often left behind as well. If you leave for a few weeks on holiday (a few days for those not so lucky), it isn’t always easy to follow your training regimen.

Minimising damage

Obviously no activity means the regression of muscle mass. Your muscles will be smaller than usual, but there is nothing dramatic about that. When you get back into your routine, the muscle memory will quickly restore you to your previous levels.

For those who do not want to lose too much, try to keep fit by doing one or two workout sessions a week. This is the perfect time to try other sports, or discover the benefits of bodyweight exercises.

Watch your diet

If you can’t or don’t want to exercise, at least try to watch your diet so that it nourishes your muscles and so you don’t gain too much weight. But don’t avoid barbecues or cocktail hour at the risk of not enjoying yourself, some excesses are allowed.

Don’t forget that you’re on holiday. The goal is to rest, regain strength and then get back in shape for the start of the school year. So don’t panic and don’t overdo it trying to get back into shape, the recovery might be a bit hard, but in the end you will get back to your previous levels.

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