Get A Body Like Anthony Joshua's With His Unique Training Tips

Anthony Joshua is the World Heavyweight champion. To maintain this legendary status, he must train incredibly hard and maintain a certain muscle mass. But according to him, simply lifting heavy weights is not the solution to gaining mass, it’s stretching.

With 21 professional wins, including the fight against the legendary Vladimir Klitshcko, Anthony Joshua is the best heavyweight boxer around. Coming across as a lot sharper and a lot broader than his opponents, this muscle mass stems only from disciplined training.

Evidently, Anthony Joshua has had to do a bit of heavy lifting to get to the shape and form that the’s in, but according to him it’s not all about that. ‘There are so many ways to get results but I think stretching is very effective. Stretching has longevity, you can get an actual sweat on, a workout out of it and you can see the results’, he explained with an interview with Marie Claire.

When he talks about stretching, he’s talking about dynamic stretching. Static stretching is great before and after the session but dynamic stretching requires effort. ‘You can actually gauge results which is always good for someone who’s new to working out. I think it’s always good to see when you’re training, he added.

Check out the video above to hear more on how to get ripped from Anthony Joshua himself!

The Fittest Celebs In The World Share Their Training Tips The Fittest Celebs In The World Share Their Training Tips