Eddie Still In Tip Top Shape Post Retirement

The Beast is still kicking!

Eddie Still In Tip Top Shape Post Retirement
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He was a leading figure on the strongman's world scene for years, but Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall is now retired after some serious health problems. Far from the competition, the Brit has just lost about 3 stone for a TV show in the United States. And despite this weight loss, Hall proves that he still has plenty of muscle remaining! Relatively present on social networks, the deadlift record holder at the Olympics published two videos of himself in training.

The first one is at the thigh press where he performs eight reps of 750 kilos with little visible effort. ‘Even when I was at the top of my form I could do 850 kilos,’ he explained in his post. The second video is all the more impressive as he does six reps of 220 kilos on the bench press... without a spotter! The reactions of the two men behind him speak volumes about his performance. To those who had forgotten about the legend, Eddie Hall is still out there and going strong!