Eddie Hall Pulls Off Incredible Transformation In Preparation For New Show

The former strongman went from weighing 196 kg to 168 kg in preparation for his TV show.

Although there hasn’t been a lot of news about him since he retired, Eddie Hall, world record deadlift champion (with an Olympic bar – Thor Bjornsson holds the record with the elephant bar) has made a comeback looking completely different.

In preparation for a TV show named Eddie Eats America, this Brit has planned to lose more than 30kg. But why? Because as the name of the show indicates, Eddie Hall will be going to the United States to do a food tour across the entire country. Contrary to the sophisticated Top Chef, we will see him tackle the biggest meals in the country in record times, strongman style.

An impeccable diet and lots of cardio

To lose all this weight, the strongest man in the world in 2017 has planned out a training program full of cardio. On his Instagram account and his YouTube channel, you can see him regularly on the bike, the rowing machine, and swimming, without forgetting lifting weights of course.

In terms of his diet, he counts practically everything. Eddie Hall even turned up at his friend Martyn Ford’s wedding with his own tupperware box. Hall is so motivated, that he recently challenged himself to lose nine kilos in just 17 days. His original weight was 196kg and now he claims that he weighs 169kg (168.5kg to be more precise). That’s around 27kg that he’s lost.

With his very obvious abs, Eddie Hall plans to get down to 161kg, or even lower than that.

‘It’s going to be a challenge for me mentally, physically, but it’s gonna be fun, and I hope you guys enjoy it,’ he said. In the meantime, all that’s left to do is congratulate him for all the progress he’s made.

Eddie Hall Used To Fear For His Life... His Transformation Is Unbelievable Eddie Hall Used To Fear For His Life... His Transformation Is Unbelievable