Don Saladino Has An Incredible Method For Getting Pecs Of Steel

Don Saladino, coach and expert in bodybuilding has a technique of his own to develop his pecs. The American begins with an incline press and finishes with a bench press and thus targets more muscle groups.

Sometimes it is possible to combine two exercises in one, but rarely for one and the same muscle group. Usually, the superset is used to target two opposing muscles and save time. Don Saladino himself has shown ingenuity when it comes to his pecs by mixing inclined and bench presses.

The American coach published a video on his Instagram account demonstrating the inclined press; an exercise meant to work the muscles in the upper chest. After a few repetitions we see him get up and someone reduces the inclination of his bench. Don Saladino repeats this system several times before arriving in a classic bench press position. ‘Start at a high incline, do about 6 repetitions, then decrease the incline. Repeat the process 3-4 times,’ says the caption of the video.

However the coach who has 150,000 subscribers on Instagram does not claim to have invented this technique. ‘It's an old technique that I saw Strength Sensei use decades ago,’ he says. Clearly old methods can sometimes prove to still be up to date.

Check out the video above for a tutorial!

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