Conor McGregor's Nutritionist Explains What You Should Be Eating

Conor McGregor's Nutritionist Explains What You Should Be Eating

In an interview with The Joe Rogan Experience, George Lockhart, nutritionist to Conor McGregor and other MMA fighters explained what the keys to an efficient nutritional program are. And it's not just for competitive athletes!

If you want to do sports, you won't get far without a proper diet. The metaphor of cars comes closest to the diet of an athlete: 'If you don't use the right fuel, you can't get ahead.'

And that applies to all sports.

George Lockhart, a former marine dieter now works for most UFC fighters, including Conor McGregor, and sometimes Bellator fighters. In an interview with The Joe Rogan Experience, Lockhart explained how he's improving the diet of fighters.

Adaptation to training and lifestyle

For Lockhart, there are several things to consider when it comes to finding the best possible diet for an athlete. 'With our fighters, we pay attention to four things in the diet: the type of food, the time of meals, the size of the portions and the hormonal response to food,' he explains.

So, you have to eat differently depending on the time of day of the meal. For example, if you eat just before exercising, you should take in carbohydrates to increase the glycemic index. A pre-workout banana is a perfect choice to provide you with the necessary energy.

The right choice of food also depends on what kind of training you're after. Your training goals play an important role in this.

'When you jog, fat is the main source of energy for your body, but if you're doing strength training, it's carbohydrates,' Lockhart says.In a HIIT session you burn more calories than in a classic strength training session. Even with 1.5 hours in the ring you use a lot of energy. So, you have to find a good compromise to favour the recovery of the muscles as much as possible, but not too many calories. Except when you call Anthony Joshua.

Adapts his diet to himself

Regardless of what the nutrition program looks like, it's important to stick to it. According to George Lockhart, this is the key to success.

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'Sticking to a nutritional program is the most important thing. Whether you're on a zone diet, a paleo diet, or a ketogenic diet, if you stick to it, you'll see results.'

So, you have to find a nutritional program that suits you, both in terms of calorie and energy intake and the foods you like to eat. Eating things that you don't like can quickly make you stop eating.

'If Conor [McGregor] missed out on a ketogenic diet, he would be lost,' explains the nutritionist.He believes that the best diet that provides the body with everything it needs is Mediterranean cuisine. That means lots of vegetables, carbohydrates and white meat (or fish).

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