Check Out This Absolutely Massive 15-Year-Old Body Builder

Tristyn Lee, the young 15-year-old bodybuilder and football fan is now 16. And after a year, he has managed to gain even more muscle.

We first heard about Tristyn Lee about a year ago and we were already impressed by his physique. Almost twelve months later, we (easily) found him again, thanks to his 800,000 subscribers on Instagram and on his YouTube channel. All we need to say, is that the young man has surpassed all our expectations when it comes to his body.

Tristyn Lee shows off his impeccable shape (thanks to his keto diet) which some might say is almost too much for a young 16-year-old. Even more muscular and veiny than before, this Canadian isn’t ready to stop his journey, as his Instagram posts show.

‘Don’t worry about what others might think of you,’ is just one example of the type of captions that he writes on his photos – generally about weight training – sometimes quotes from Nelson Mandela.

Becoming a professional footballer

However, Tristyn Lee’s main goal is not to become a monster on the international bodybuilding scene. The young boy actually wants to join the Ontario Player Development League, a type of training centre for young footballers in Canada, since his lifelong goal is to become a professional footballer. So his YouTube channel has a few tutorials for learning how to dribble ‘like Ronaldinho’.

Given that Canada isn’t the most renowned country for football players, Tristyn is said to have decided to move to a different country so as to accomplish his goal. For now, he hasn’t revealed where he wants to move to, but has admitted that he will have to cross the ocean to do so. From what he’s said, he is leaning towards the UK or maybe even Australia. In any case, one thing is for sure. He definitely won’t have any problems when it comes to physical tests. But it still means to be seen if his skills as a footballer will be good enough to get him in.

Check out the video above for more of Tristyn's updates...

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