Check Out Jason Statham's Insane Equipment-Free Workout

Jason Statham, one of Hollywood's most prominent actors, is known for his toned and muscular physique.

Check Out Jason Statham's Insane Equipment-Free Workout
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Being an actor in Hollywood is already a success in itself. Being part of the small list of extremely muscular male actors capable of playing the role of the classic hero of American cinema is even harder. Among them at this time is Chris Hemsworth, famous for playing Thor, or of course The Rock, the current American blockbuster generator. However these two have not rendered some of the legends of the 2000s, like Jason Statham, irrelevant.

Since reaching fame in Hollywood with films like Crank or the Transporter trilogy, the English actor had to have several different training programs according to the needs of each film. Before the release of Crank 2, he adopted an explosive training program, working out 6 days a week.

Never more than 35 minutes

Incredible but true, Statham managed to lose 10 pounds in just 6 weeks thanks to his tremendous work ethic. No workout lasted more than 35 minutes. But keep in mind that to make changes like these in this time frame, you must have a tremendous work ethic and unwavering motivation. Having a movie star schedule also helps.