Bodybuilders' Deaths Linked To Illegal Fitness Supplement
Bodybuilders' Deaths Linked To Illegal Fitness Supplement
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Bodybuilders' Deaths Linked To Illegal Fitness Supplement

The bodybuilding community has been rocked by a series of unexpected deaths. The cause of these deaths has been linked to a pre-workout containing certain ingredients dangerous to the health, like DMAA.

DMAA is a synthetically produced neural stimulant often taken prior to working out to receive a boost of energy. The consumption of a typical dose equates to 8 cups of coffee, which could be the leading reason behind some recent deaths.

In fact, toxicologist Andrew Leibie believes that this product is unequivocally the cause of these cases: “We're seeing relatively young, fit, healthy men dying of heart attacks associated with this drug, so it is very dangerous”.

Yet the phenomenon continues, even despite the ban of the product in Australia. Some producers have even gone as far as to not include the stimulant in the ingredient list of their products.

Not only that, but one can easily purchase a product containing DMAA on the internet as the ingredient is not outlawed in other countries.

However producers don’t accept the fault for these deaths – they believe those who have died as a result of using pre-workout have simply consumed it excessively.

By Stacey Williams
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