At 96 Years Old, Winnie Clements Is The World's Oldest Bodybuilder

Winnie Clements is 96 years-old and just signed up for bodybuilding. She goes to train at the gym twice a week with her daughter Patricia, who is 74.

There are some who start early, like Chandler King who is 10 years old. Then there are those who start a bit later, like Winnie Clements. The 96-year-old Canadian decided to sign up for bodybuilding with her daughter Patricia.

Initially it was Patricia who wanted to resume working out following the death of a loved one. Since the mother and daughter live together, Winnie decided to accompany her daughter.

Their personal trainer Valentine Payne was blown away by the desire of these two women to come and train. ‘I was amazed by her strength because she had never lifted a dumbbell in her life,’ the trainer told CBC Radio.

Better health and a better diet

Since they decided to get on the path to better health, the two women already find themselves in better shape. For example, Patricia can now run for 15 minutes on the treadmill, and Winnie has rediscovered her appetite. ‘Now it is easier for me to get around. I eat better and I like chicken,’ the nonagenarian told the Canadian news outlet.

Winnie and Patricia Clements are not among the people for whom bodybuilding is a passing fad. They learned about the longevity records available to beat, but Winnie had another source of motivation to begin training. ‘I have nowhere else to go,’ she quipped.

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