Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New TikTok Workout Has Fans In Hysterics

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back: This time as “arnoldschnitzel” on TikTok. He’s posting his new fitness routine and it’s going viral because it’s just too funny. But have a look for yourself.

Good old Arnie always up for some fun. After heart surgery last year, the Terminator has recovered and is back to making his fans laugh.

Arnie conquers TikTok

The 71-year-old ex-governor of California and former bodybuilder is now on Instagram, Twitter and has very recently created a TikTok account with username “arnoldschnitzel”. On Twitter, he announced his TikTok videos that show primarily his fitness routine. “Follow me on @tiktok_us and have a look at how I chase Whiskey in the garden!”

With a cowboy hat he cycles through the garden chasing his pony, Whiskey. The video has gone viral in no time because the idea is just too funny! It has more than two million views on Instagram and fans are delighted.

He makes everyone laugh

His good mood is contagious. Jeremy Gibbs, a Twitter user, wrote: “Tough week? Here’s Arnold Schwarzenegger riding his bike next to his pony.” Joe Toenalis even puts: “Arnold Schwarzenegger is just great.” While he’s cycling, the song “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” by Toby Keith plays and the singer has since commented: “Hell yeah!”

Check out the video above to see some of Arnie's brilliant TikToks for yourself!

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