An ordinary guy tried to follow GOT's The Mountain's Diet for a Day

Legend has it that he hasn't eaten since attempting it…

The Mountain is not named thus for nothing. Originally, it was only the cast ofGame of Thrones' nicknamed for Gregor Clegane, but the nickname stuck to the actor Thor Bjornsson, and it's easy to see why.

A bodybuilder in real life, Thor was elected the strongest man in the world in 2018. You're probably wondering how many calories a day The Mountain eats to keep his shape. It's around 10,000calories a day.

A heavy breakfast

Sébastian Oreb, who is a coach and now a friend of Thor Bjornsson's, decided to try and see if he could be The Mountain for a day. So, during 24 hours, he walked, thought and mostly ate like the Islander.

So what a surprise when breakfast arrives with an omelette made of 6 eggs, 12 slices of bacon and a bowl of oatmeal. A normal human would be satisfied with a bowl of oatmeal and possibly an egg—and a slice of bacon or two on the side.

The same meal five times during a day

The rest is not very complicated. From noon to night, the two men eat the same dish five times. Rice, carrots, spinach, ground beef and chicken broth. All this is usually served with a glass of orange juice (or coconut milk) and sometimes a banana.

In total, it is easy to reach around 9,000 calories. Yet Sebastian Oreb followed along and managed to finish everything without exploding. For his part, Thor Bjornsson regularly explains that he is ‘hungry,’ before eating. This is a diet that you are not advised to follow if you are not doing any exercise.

These are only the dishes without any flavourings (such as herbs and spices) and without dietary supplements. This was only during one day, Thor Bjornsson does not eat the same dish every day.

Game of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Big Challenge For You Game of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Big Challenge For You