All You Need For This Special Leg Workout Is A Simple Park Bench

All You Need For This Special Leg Workout Is A Simple Park Bench

No equipment to work on your legs? Take a run to the nearest park and find a bench, we’ll take care of the rest.

Going outside to work out is a lot better when temperatures are on the rise. Unfortunately, when you’re at the park or by the beach, there isn’t always the same equipment that you may find in the gym.

However, this isn’t always a problem, if you live by the sea, working out on the sand can be even more difficult. If you’re in the park, make do with what you have. Benches for example can really be useful, especially for strengthening your legs.

A leg workout using a bench

1. Step-ups: 10 reps per leg

2. Plyo jumps: 15 reps

3. Toe taps: 15 reps per leg

4. Lateral step downs: 15 reps per leg

5. Bulgarian squats: 15 reps per leg

6. Seated leg extensions: 20 reps

7. Hip thrusts: 15 reps

Take a small break between exercises. So that your workout is effective, you should do between three and five rounds, depending on your level. Take around 2 minutes rest between rounds.

This workout is very effective for working on every part of your legs for the simple reason that the exercises vary from using both legs to just one. And it’s even better if you complement it with some cardio as well.

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Check out the video above to see exactly how to get this workout done! 

Anna Wilkins
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