7 Tips To Boost Your Stamina And Resistance
7 Tips To Boost Your Stamina And Resistance
7 Tips To Boost Your Stamina And Resistance
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7 Tips To Boost Your Stamina And Resistance

If you’re lacking in stamina and resistance, follow these 7 tips.

With the expansion of CrossFit and obstacle courses, it is now necessary to be able to combine strength and endurance in the same discipline. This can be complicated when you are used to doing only weight training, because cardio is not always the priority, although it is possible to strengthen with a pair of dumbbells.

To overcome these shortcomings and make you the most complete athlete possible, here is a selection of 7 tips to use.

Mix cardio and strength sessions

The more muscles you use, the more your heart will be working, it’s just math. Instead of reserving one session to run on the treadmill and another to build strength, try blending the two in one. For example, do a part of the upper body and continue with a cardio exercise. Repeat this pattern several times and you're done.

Decrease your rest time

Not between sessions, but between reps and exercises. Except, if you’re working on heavy weights to build strength. But in a typical session, try to reduce the break time to between 30 seconds and 1min15 maximum. You will work your cardio almost as much as if you’re on a run. To another extent, you can also do HIIT, which is very effective in gaining endurance.

Work out with a high intensity tempo

We’re talking about HIIT, which seeks to make a maximum of movements in a minimum of break time. Still, you can simply speed up the tempo of your movements during a conventional session. Keep in mind that you must always perform your reps with perfect technique.

Use compound movements rather than isolated ones

As mentioned above, the more muscles you use the better your stamina. Isolation exercises are good for working the mass of a specific part of the body, but they are not enough to increase the resistance. Instead, use compound exercises such as squats or deadlifts.

Do not always do the same thing

Variety is the key to success. Already because it will prevent you from getting bored in the long run, but also because your body adapts to certain exercises. Which, in the medium term, is not good for strengthening stamina and resistance. If you are running, change and ride a bike or row. The possibilities are almost endless.

Try hybrid movements

It's about turning isolation exercises into a compound exercise. As for example, squats and overhead presses equal a thruster. Feel free to combine an upper body exercise with a leg exercise. In addition, it will work your imagination.

Add explosiveness to your session

Explosive movements increase both strength and endurance. By working explosively you will find that you move faster and with greater ease than before. Try adding box jumps, burpees and pushups to your sessions.

Check out the video above for more tips...

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