50 Cent Is Back With An Extra 30 Pounds Of Muscle!

For a new series called 'For Life,' 50 Cent had to gain 2 stone. On Twitter, he showed off his incredible shape on the bench press. No doubt 50 Cent is back in the game.

50 Cent Is Back With An Extra 30 Pounds Of Muscle!
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The king of the 2000s is back. In a series which adapts true events, called For Life (on ABC), 50 Cent plays the role of a man in prison fighting for a crime he didn't commit.

For that purpose, and to get into his inmate persona, the former rapper had to gain 2 stone, as he showed off on Instagram.

The 50 Cent of old can thus be seen, but with only a few more wrinkles. Despite being 44 years old, Curtis Jackson (the rapper/producer and film star's real name) has still got it.

He proved this by posting a video of himself on Twitter, where he was doing some bench press in what appears to be a prison yard, likely on set for this new show.

In the twitter post, he stated he would do 30 reps, from what we can count it seems as though he was only able to complete 28. However, at 225lbs (just over 16 stone), we can't help but remain impressed by 28 consecutive reps.