We Now Know What The Breaking Bad Film Is Going To Be About

It's official: Breaking Bad will be back, but this time on the big screen!

Since Vince Gilligan announced that a film about the world of Breaking Bad was in the making, a lot of information about this fabulous project has been coming to light. Originally, we knew that the feature film would focus on a character on the run after a kidnapping. They would be searching for freedom. This famous person has now been revealed to be Jesse Pinkman, brilliantly played by Aaron Paul.

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The American site Slash Film made this revelation. After the Breaking Bad finale, Jesse Pinkman was caught in the clutches of the neo-Nazis, and was released by Walter White, who died sometime later. Once released, Aaron Paul's character drives off at full speed, freer than ever. Where did he go? What did he become? Nobody knows. These questions will surely be answered in the feature film. Moreover, Bryan Cranston had revealed quite similar information on a television set: 'Vince's idea, according to what I've been told, concerns at least two characters who haven't completed their journey...' One of the two characters is Jesse Pinkman, we can't wait to find out who the second one is.

Breaking Bad Is Coming Back In An Unexpected Way... Breaking Bad Is Coming Back In An Unexpected Way...