We Finally Know Why Meowth Is The Only Pokémon That Can Talk

We Finally Know Why Meowth Is The Only Pokémon That Can Talk

If you follow the adventures of Pokémon, you've probably noticed that the infamous Team Rocket's Meowth is one of the only creatures that can speak in the series. Unfortunately for him, the acquisition of this faculty masks a sad secret that we will explain here.

The answer to our question is in the "Go West Young Meowth" episode of the first season of the Pokémon cartoon. In this episode, Meowth looks back on his childhood and, particularly, on an episode that will mark him deeply: his first love.

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Unfortunately for him, Meowzie, his "crush", isn't interested in him and is only interested in humans who take care of her. This means that poor lovestruck Meowth has to resort to some desperate measures in order to win her heart.

To seduce her, Meowth decides to learn the language of humans and start walking like them. Except that's not enough, ignoring the efforts of her suitor, Meowzie finds it simply monstrous and rejects his advances again... So a heartbroken Meowth leaves his native village to make a fortune, until he meets Team Rocket...

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