Tom Hardy Reveals Filming Has Wrapped On Venom, Teaser Release Date

Venom, the much anticipated spin-off of Spider-Man, is coming. According to Tom Hardy, we’ll be getting our first taste soon.

Tom Hardy definitely knows a thing or two about how to properly use Instagram. Always one to keep his fans updated, the Venom star very recently posted a photo on his account with the caption “Wrapped. Life Back. Bye”, confirming that filming has finished. Sony is currently in the middle of preparing fans their first teaser, slated for release in early February.

Both instalments in the The Amazing Spider-Man were relatively warmly received by critics and fans alike, so Sony is looking to make waves with the upcoming film based on one of comic’s most beloved antihero.

The question remains to which universe will Venom belong? Will he be off in his own world with Sony, or will he play a part in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe like recent addition Peter Parker? According to certain sources, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland was never seen on set of the Venom film. Suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

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