This is why Tom Hardy's face is always hidden in Christopher Nolan Movies

Director Christopher Nolan has revealed why he's always covered actor Tom Hardy's face in his films.

This Is Why Tom Hardy's Face Is Always Hidden in Christopher Nolan Movies
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This little mystery has finally been cleared up. In Christopher Nolan's films, Tom Hardy's face is always hidden. Indeed, in The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max and, more recently, Dunkirk, you can barely see Mr Hardy's face at all. But why?

The director revealed all to The Independent:

I was pretty thrilled with what he did in The Dark Knight Rises with two eyes and a couple of eyebrows and a bit of forehead. I thought let’s see what he can do with no forehead, no real eyebrows, maybe one eye.

'He's extraordinary'

Christopher Nolan was charmed by Tom Hardy's acting, which manages to convey emotions without him ever revealing his full facial expressions. As a result, he wanted to continue to exploit this particularity in his films. Nolan said:

Of course Tom, being Tom, what he does with single eye acting is far beyond what anyone else can do with their whole body. That is just the unique talent of the man, he’s extraordinary.

Take a look at the video above for some of Tom Hardy's best acting moments...