This Is The Surprising Reason Filming For Aquaman 2 Has Been Delayed

Jason Momoa won't be shooting the sequel to Aquaman, James Wan's successful blockbuster, right away. The American actor claims to have been ‘run over by a bulldozer’ while trying to prevent the construction of a telescope on his native island of Hawaii.

The shooting of Aquaman 2 will be a little late. The film's star, Jason Momoa, was unable to make the filming on time due to his political commitment. The actor travelled to Hawaii to protect his native land and the Mauna Kea mountain, a sacred land threatened by the construction of a giant telescope.

‘We are not letting you do this anymore’

‘Sorry Warner Bros we can’t shoot ‘Aquaman 2 because Jason got run over by a bulldozer trying to stop the desecration of his native land,’ wrote the star on Instagram, before adding the message: ‘THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. WE ARE NOT LETTING YOU DO THIS ANYMORE. Enough is enough. Go somewhere else. Repost. This is what telescope construction looks like (Subaru Telescope, 1992). The TMT will be four times larger on unscathed land. We must protect our scared mountain from further desecration.’

Very concerned about the protection of the environment, especially on his native land, the American actor denounces above all the willingness to sacrifice the important and historic culture of his people. He also published several photos of his mobilisation on his Instagram account, and indicated that he wanted to ‘unite both kānaka and Hawai’i born peoples alike to protect not only the mauna, but also our way of life and greatest natural resources in Hawaii as a whole.’

An initiative shared by Dwayne Johnson

While this movement has succeeded in uniting all aspects of Hawaiian culture, Jason Momoa has specifically asked his subscribers to talk about his commitment to promoting the conservation of his culture. This position is in line with that of Dwayne Johnson, who has also mobilised against the construction of this telescope.

‘This issue is much greater than a thirty meter telescope to be constructed on the Mauna. It’s humanity and compassion. Its respect for culture and approaching this with deep care and sensitivity,’ the actor wrote in an Instagram post. These comments were repeated a few days later on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

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