This Fan Made A Very Original CV To Get An Internship At Netflix

To get the internship of her dreams, this communications student from ISCPA Lyon (University For Communication Studies in Lyon) applied for this internship in such a unique way that it has been flying around Twitter!

Emma Volatier knew that to get the internship of her dreams, she had to stand out among the other candidates. So, she used her favourite TV series and applied for an internship at this huge American company by creating a very unusual CV on Twitter. Her original idea blew up on social media, so much so that Netflix replied!

A very strange approach

Emma Volatier is a student in her second year of communication studies at ISCPA Lyon. When looking for internships, she decided to lay all her cards on the table and created a very original curriculum vitae, using the same design and coding as Netflix.

‘Hi @NetflixFR! Communications student and extremely passionate about your platform, I’m sending you this thread to convince you to take me on as an intern. Are you ready? BOOM! (Spoiler alert: by the end of this thread, you will be under my spell.)’ she wrote in her first message on Twitter, using the Netflix jingle.

Instead of a CV, she remade the welcome page of the streaming platform, using the design from the new series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, allowing her to put all her skills on the panel bellow.

‘This is my welcome page! Accompanied by my cat (who could have easily played Salem), this is to show you what I can do. #communication #digital #audiovisual #graphics #specialeventmanagement #marketing’ can be read below.

In order to list her skills and character traits, she remade the credit titles from ‘Cable Girls’, a Netflix original series. Finally, she closed her application by stating that she was looking for an internship lasting for 3 months, starting on 2nd January. She then made this request by using the Netflix release date calendar!

‘I’m looking for an internship lasting 3 months from January 2019 and I would really love to join your team! #stage #communication #internships #EmmaInternAtNetflix’ is how her application ended on Twitter.

Netflix responded!

Luckily for her, Emma Volatier’s work didn’t go unnoticed, since Netflix France responded two days later on Wednesday 14th November.

‘Hello Emma! Can you DM us please? Thanks!’ tweeted a manager at Netflix on Twitter. They were contacted by HuffPost, the French version of the Huffington Post, to know more about the potential internship for the communications student.

‘I can’t talk about the outcome yet because we have a very strict recruitment policy, but we will definitely be taking this super application into consideration,’ the manager admitted to HuffPost, but he neglects to say whether they are currently in contact with her… We’re crossing our fingers for you Emma!

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