The US Army Warns To Prepare For Mass Shootings At Joker Screenings

The US government issued a warning about possible mass shootings at upcoming screenings of Todd Phillips' "Joker" film.

Gizmodo just revealed that the upcoming release of Todd Phillips' highly anticipated film "Joker" has sparked fears of mass shootings in the United States. The Batman franchise film focuses on the origin story of the iconic villain, detailing his evolution from an ordinary man to an insane psychopath.

There's been a lot of talk surroundingJoaquin Phoenix's brilliant performance, and the movie has already received many awards, including one at the Venice Film Festival. However, an increasing number of threats on social networks have put US authorities on alert.

Fears of a massacre like the one that occurred at a theatre in Aurora

Gizmodo shared an email from the FBI that reveals these fears. The federal agency has uncovered many social media posts and exchanges from extremists that allude to a possible wave of violence in theatres.

The US government is mainly concerned about Incels, a very active, misogynistic online community. Its members, who are all male, are "involuntary celibates" and, therefore, advocate for violence against happy couples, especially against women.

They believe the Joker character shares their values and idolize him so much that they would be prepared to orchestrate shootings in some theaters. The US Army issued a memo to prevent a massacre like the one that took place in Aurora, Colorado, during the screening of "Batman: Dark Knight Rises" in 2012, from happening again.

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