The Rock Is Making His Wrestling Comeback In A New British Film

Dwayne Johnson is making a comeback in the wrestling scene in Fighting With My Family. Although he isn’t the main character, he does play himself in this film which is out in cinemas now.

We have known about this film for a while now but given that it's now out in cinemas, it’s time to talk about it. Dwayne Johnson will be playing himself in Fighting With My Family, a film about… wrestling!

The film, directed by Stephen Merchant, is about an English family who is crazy about wrestling, and the kids Paige and Zak are picked up by the famous WWE. After training camp, Paige is called to go into the ring whilst her brother stays on the side-lines, watching his dream of being a wrestler slip away.

Of course, Dwayne Johnson isn’t the main character in this story, but he is still one of the main producers of the film. His character plays an important role nonetheless and, if we are to believe the footage in the trailer, there is still the same humour and self-mockery in him that we find in all his usual roles.

A comical true story about Paige

So, since Dwayne Johnson isn’t the main point of intrigue, what is? As is written above, one of the children is called Paige and in fact, this film is sort of a true story behind Saraya-Jade Bevis’ career, better known as Paige in WWE. Originally from England, she was the youngest champion in the Diva League, and she won two titles in 2014 and 2015 at the young age of 22.

Although her career was cut short by a back injury in April 2018, Paige is still very iconic in the world of wrestling. The young retired fighter is now part of the TV show SmackDown where she is the general manager. The English woman has already been on a documentary/reality show called The Wrestlers: Fighting with my Family. This film also seems to keep the same tone: realistic and light hearted and gives us a bit more background to a world that we don’t know enough about.

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