The Greatest Action Hero Of All Time... By Far!

Just who exactly is the greatest action hero of all time? Well the results are in, and you may have already guessed who it is...

When we picture an action star, a few images come to mind immediately: Stallone, Statham, and Van Damme to name a few. But no action hero is more iconic than The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Not only does the Austrian superstar have a physique worthy of being crowned Mr. Universe several times over, but also a personality that has charmed audiences worldwide and made him a true phenomenon.

Luck? Talent? Perseverance? A combination of the three? Certainly this man from Austria has them all in spades. Schwarzenegger has developed a cult following in just about every world he’s had a presence in: he sits upon the throne in the halls of bodybuilding Mount Olympus, any list of greatest action films will feature quite a few films with him as the leading role, and he’s had quite a successful political career spanning two terms. Care to share a little success with us, Arnold?

In 2014, he was named “Action Hero Of Our Lifetime” by the magazine Empire. This title did not exist prior to being awarded to Schwarzenegger and has not since been given out again, so we can say that Arnold is the reigning champ. Surely a title of this magnitude doesn’t come easily. Come on – Predator, Terminator, Conan, and Total Recall... no one even comes close.

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