Sylvester Stallone's Incredible Workout Programme to Play Rocky

To embody the most mythical boxer in the history of cinema in a very realistic way, Sylvester Stallone used all the means at his disposal. This is a look back at his specific workout. Check out the video for the full details!

Although Sylvester Stallone was, apparently, a poor boxer, he had to follow a very intense program to put himself in the best conditions to play his leading role in Rocky. Playing the most famous boxer in the history of cinema was not an easy thing for the actor.

He trained with Mr. Olympia Franco Columbus 6 days a week with 2 training sessions a day! On the program, 20 rounds of sparring in a ring, 2 hours of weight lifting, a 2 mile run and a lot of rope skipping, all in the same day.

A very strict diet

On top of that, he had to follow a strict diet. Before breakfast, a glass of protein powder, for breakfast, 3 egg whites, Irish oatmeal, toast, papaya and some figs. For lunch, roasted summer squash, roasted skinless chicken, salad and figs or berries. Finally, for dinner, salad, grilled fish, toast and occasionally veal. Quite the preparation to become Rocky Balboa!

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But it is not surprising when you know Stallone's personality: even today, he was able to follow an intensive preparation for the new Rambo film—Rambo Last Blood. Old age is no excuse to quit, especially not for Sly!

Check out the video above to see more!

Sylvester Stallone Still Has The Turtles From The First Rocky Film At Home Sylvester Stallone Still Has The Turtles From The First Rocky Film At Home