Star Wars' Chewbacca Actor Dies: The Saga's Stars Pay Tribute

Star Wars' Chewbacca Actor Dies: The Saga's Stars Pay Tribute

Peter Mayhew, the extraordinarily tall actor, died on Tuesday 30th April at the age of 74, at his home in Texas.

He was one of the most famous support actors in cinema. Actor Peter Mayhew, who donned the Chewbacca costume in the Star Wars saga died on Tuesday, 30th April, at the age of 74. “He left us on the night of 30th April 2019, surrounded by his family at home in the north of Texas”, his loved ones announced on 2nd May on Twitter.

At at height of 7'3", the actor, borning in London inMay 1944, was undoubtedly destined for the role of Han Solo's companion. He was chosen by George Lucas himself to take on the part during a very brief audition, during which he barely had to move from his seat, as he said in 2013: “Basically, the interview went like this. He turned to (producer) Gary (Kurtz) and said ‘I think we’ve found him’”.

Peter Mayhew continued to play the Wookie until 2015, in The Force Awakens, when his health problems forced him to give up his place bit-by-bit to Finnish ex-basketballer Joonas Suotamo, measuring at 7’2”, who has taken on the role full-time since then.

In a statement, his omnipresent partner Harrison Ford paid tribute: “We’ve been film buddies and friends in real life for more than 30 years, and I loved him (…). Like millions of others, I will never forget Peter and what he’s given us all.”

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The 76-year-old actor isn’t the only one to recognise Peter Mayhew’s death. A slew of fellow actors and directors from the saga alike came together to pay tribute. Many took to tweeter to publish messages to commemorate him as the man who will forever remain "Chewie" in the hearts of Star Wars fans. 

Watch the video to find out what his famous co-stars had to say!

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