One Particular Scene From Titanic Left Kate Winslet Traumatised

Love it or hate it, Titanic is one of the most iconic movies ever. The James Cameron film, released in 1997, was one of the most successful in its time, until Avatar dethroned it in terms of ticket sales. But star Kate Winslet has revealed that there's one scene from the movie that still traumatises her today.

With 11 Oscars and £17million from the film's soundtrack, Titanic defines the romantic drama genre.

But actress Kate Winslet still has nightmares.

In the film, she plays the character of Rose, an English girl betrothed to a rich heir she does not love. During the trip, she meets the young Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a passenger from the lower class with whom she falls in love at first sight.

During the filming process, Kate was traumatised by an agonizing scene ... And no - it's not the famous scene in the car!

When the boat sinks after hitting the iceberg, the passengers attempt to evacuate the lower decks. Along with Jack, she finds herself stuck on the stairs where the metal railings are closed. A member of the crew throws them the keys before fleeing. We see Jack dive into the icy water to recover them, not succeeding.

This landmark scene left Kate deeply disturbed, who revealed in an interview that even today she remembers the stress and cold that took over her body and mind. Strangely enough, we would have thought she would be more traumatised by the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, sunk into the darkness of the ocean, frozen cold.

Virtually unknown at the time, Kate Winslet also confessed to harassing James Cameron for the role, while DiCaprio was already known for his role in Romeo and Juliet, Gilbert Grape or Basketball Diaries.

Despite each of the actors’ long film career, this film is still the one most people associate them with.

Many people suspected a romance between the two during the film’s shooting but they always claimed to be good friends only. They recently admitted that they sometimes send each other lines from the movie by text.

Titanic is, and will remain, the great film that brought them into the spotlight.

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