Marvel Wants More Diversity In The Next Avengers Films

The executive vice president for Marvel production announced that the franchise is looking to create a character belonging to the LGBTQ+ community who will appear in their upcoming films. Check out her announcement in the article below!

Marvel Wants More Diversity In The Next Avengers Films
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Victoria Alonso took advantage of a frequently asked question to respond to the fans demands and wishes. Among these many questions, lots of people have asked whether Marvel would consider creating a superhero belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. And the vice president seemed rather enthusiastic about the idea.

This isn’t Marvel’s first step in the right direction for the LGBTQ+ community as a homosexual relationship is portrayed in the film Runaways. Victoria Alonso has continued in the right direction in terms of diversity for the franchise.

‘I would feel honoured to have a member of the LGBTQ+ group represented in our films and I hope the future shows that.’ She also wants more Latin and Asian representation in the films.

Now that Marvel is engaged to promoting LGBTQ+ in their films, the most difficult task will be making sure the character isn’t a stereotype or cliché. We know that the slightest mistake made by the studio could be fatal for them.

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