Jennifer Lawrence Left Film Crew "Uncomfortable" In This Steamy Scene In Red Sparrow

As the leading actress in the film Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence had to bring herself to do one of the scenes for the film entirely naked. This was actually more difficult for the film crew than it was for the actress, watch the video to find out why!

Jennifer Lawrence, who became one of the biggest stars of Hollywood cinema in just a few years, already has lots of films under her belt in which she has played very different roles.

For Francis Lawrence’s film, Red Sparrow, the actress, who plays a young ballerina whose career is shattered when she joins the Russian secret service, faced quite a substantial challenge. She had to appear entirely naked in one of the film’s scenes.

Jennifer Lawrence explains in an interview with Entertainment Tonight:

There’s one particular scene in the movie where your nightmare comes true from grade school, where you’re standing naked in front of a classroom full of people.

To help the actress with this scene, the film crew did everything they could so that the day was as comfortable for her as possible. But maybe she was a bit too comfortable… Because when they finally got around to doing the scene, the actress said she felt so comfortable that she even stayed naked after the scene ended.

The actress who probably made lots of people on set happy that day reveals:

Everyone made me feel so comfortable that I probably at a certain point started making everybody else uncomfortable. Because I’d be like, ‘I don’t want the robe. I’m hot. I’m eating.'

Check out the video to find out more!

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