Jason Momoa Is After Another Superhero Role - This Time In The Marvel Universe...

After breaking through in Game of Thrones and wearing the scales of Aquaman at DC, Jason Momoa is making no secret of his ambitions to embody another superhero, this time from the Marvel universe. Indeed, our favourite bearded hunk wants to take over from Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine!

At the Celebrity Fan Fest in San Francisco, Jason Momoa revealed his ambitions for the future of his career. The Goliath is interested in the role of Wolverine, who has previously been played by Hugh Jackman.

There is little chance, however, that Jason's dream will come true because of his involvement with Marvel's rival studio, DC Comics. Indeed, a second film Aquaman is announced for 2022 and it is doubtful that Marvel will take one of the most prominent figures of the DC universe to embody one of their own heroes.

If Wolverine isn't likely to happen, we would love to see Jason Momoa in a more naturalistic role to really test his acting chops...

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