James Bond: James Norton Could Be Our Next 007

Word on the street is that we have a new odds on favourite to take on the 007 mantle after Daniel Craig steps down... and it’s not at all who we expected.

Despite stating his desire to shed the role of James Bond, Daniel Craig will be playing the secret agent again in the upcoming sequel to 2015’s Spectre. More than likely we will see the role change hands once again following Craig’s fifth film as Bond.

For ages now, multiple names have been thrown around for the potential next Bond. The frontrunners to take on the role have long been Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, and Idris Elba – the latter of which would mark the first black on screen iteration of 007. However news has broken that there could be a dark horse in the race, and that he’s actually pulled ahead in the betting pool.

According to top UK bookmaker William Hill, 32 year old star of series Grantchester and the upcoming McMafia James Norton has is the odds on favourite to play the martini drinking, womanising MI6 agent.

As per most recent reports, Norton currently sports 3/1 odds, trailing closely by Tom Hardy at 4/1, and Idris Elba at 10/1.

Regardless of who gets the opportunity to play Bond in upcoming films, suffice it to say we will miss Daniel Craig. After the bad taste that Die Another Day left in the general public’s mouth, Craig was exactly what the franchise needed to bring it back to form.

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