It Looks Like Emma Watson Is Set To Star In The New Black Widow Movie

Emma Watson is the favourite actress of a whole generation. Even if she'll always be Hermione to us, she's found great success in a variety of different movies since the Potter films wrapped up - and rumour has it she's set to star in an upcoming Marvel film!

We all got to know Emma Watson as the 11-year-old know-it-all Hermione and we watched her grow up over the course of the Potter movies. Since then she's blossomed into a brilliantly talented actress and feminist activist, finding great success both on the big screen and in her activism. Now, it's rumoured she's set to become a part of yet another massive franchise.

Emma Watson, soon to be a Marvel heroine?

Despite the precautionary measures taken by Kevin Feige, the president of MCU, many secrets have leaked in recent weeks and one of them concerns Emma. Indeed, it appears that the British actress is top of the list for a mysterious new role in the upcoming Black Widow movie, alongside Scarlett Johansson.

Take a look at the video above for everything we know so far...

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